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This page is for anybody who wants to either ask or tell me something they don't want anyone else to read (it would be our little secret!*), or is either principally opposed to or can't figure out how to use Disqus (I won't tell anyone). If any of these apply to you or you just feel like emailing a random stranger on the internet, you can email me at the address below. Don't click on it though. It is not a link, and especially not one of those links that when you click on them, try to open Outlook on your computer and make you go "Wtf, I have Outlook?" and Outlook is all disheveled and disoriented because no one in a right mind has ever used it since 1998 (except your mom) and is all "Hey don't look at me, I have no idea either!". It is not that. You're going to have to ctrl+C that shit. For that purpose, I'll type it here again, because if you're going to try to ctrl+C the one below with all the arrows pointing towards it, it won't work, because it is a picture (again: mom). I realize this may be very confusing, and I apologize.

Here it is:

This is not a link either.

This is a picture (also not a link):

PS: How cool would it have been if my email address were I'm thinking very cool, and even more professional looking than it is now. Sadly, was already taken, but if anyone wants to buy it for me, that would be awesome.

* Unless you are mean to me, in which case I may repost what you said and make fun of you.